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Now litte bit about me….

So, I’m D.M. Denert and this is my website. It’s probably a good time to talk about myself in the third person, right? I mean isn’t that what all authors do these days?

Ehem…… D.M. Denert was born with enough imagination to make each day an adventure but too little conman-sense to make live through them without getting hurt.

These included fighting with bees, and loosing, flooding the neighbor after trying to recreate the Nile river, and setting a trash can on fire just so he can put it out and save the day, he didn’t…

After all, since D.M. Denert was just a wee lad he would dream of being anyone from NYC firefighter battling blazes in high-rises or a medieval sword’s master battle thousands of foes to save the princess to hairy hobbit that lives in the hole in the ground or a tiny blue smurf living in a mushroom under the tree.

Despite trying so hard none of those panned out for the tiny fellow.

However, once D.M. Denert grew up and had his own little bundles of joy he found the magic of storytelling. Spending countless hours every night telling tales of noble knights, furious foes, marvelous princesses as well cowardly dragons, silly kings, and farting grandpas until his kids would be either be spellbound with amazement or crying with laughter.  At least until mom told them to go to sleep.

Finally, after forgetting a good half of the stories D.M. Denert told, he finally decided to write some of them down. If that wasn’t enough, he decided to let some of them loose into the world so everyone can enjoy them, or not.

If I’m being honest, that wasn’t half bad. Maybe I can really make it as a writer……

Anyway, thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my childish sense of humor as much, maybe even more, as much I as love writing it.

With that said, check out Derek’s Great ThanksGiving Escape as well as other stories I’m working at, and as always contact me feedback, questions or if you want to chat.

D.M. Denert